Want more followers on Twitter?

Who doesn’t, right?

In this post, we’re going to cover using the CrowdFire App to grow your Twitter following. Some points we will cover are:

  1. What the CrowdFire App is
  2. The clean > engage > grow Twitter strategy
  3. How to clean your Twitter account with the CrowdFire App
  4. How to engage with your Twitter following via the CrowdFire App
  5. How to grow your Twitter with the CrowdFire App
  6. Upgrading to the premium level CrowdFire App

Crowdfire On Mobile

What the CrowdFire App is

You may be wondering what the heck the CrowdFire App is.

Basically, it’s an online app that helps you to manage your Twitter and grow your Twitter following.

It has various uses which we will cover further in this post.

Oh, it’s also FREE. There is a premium version which I’ll discuss at the end.

The history of the CrowdFire App

CrowdFire originally was called Just Unfollow when it launched in 2010.

I’ve actually been using it since 2012 and it was still called Just Unfollow then.

The app was rebranded as CrowdFire in 2015.

I guess they probably did that as it had grown to be more than just a tool to unfollow people on Twitter.

According to the media section on their website, CrowdFire App is now used by over 10 million users.

They have 3 million monthly users and 350,000 active daily users (I’m one of those).

Oh, and about the title of this post, CrowdFire has it written on their site that one celebrity used their App when they first started on Twitter. I have no idea who that person was.

The clean > engage > grow Twitter strategy

CrowdFire promotes that they help users with the “clean > engage > grow” strategy for Twitter.

On their site, they have written:

Crowdfire’s features are based on a foolproof growth strategy, intended to keep your social media account trim, engaging and constantly growing.

The ideal Crowdfire user flow is:

Use our “Clean” features to remove unwanted, spam, irrelevant accounts that do not add value to your feed or end goal

Optimize on the “Engage” features to get your target audience talking about and to you on social media.

Smartly wield the “Growth” features to reach the right people and grow your follower count astronomically.

Pretty easy to understand, right?

Some other Twitter strategies

I should add that, in my opinion, the clean > engage > grow Twitter strategy really isn’t a standalone strategy.

You of course need to do more than just those three things.

A lot of your Twitter success will depend on your Tweets.

A few points about tweeting:

  1. Tweet often (try automation software like Buffer for this).
  2. Use hashtags (I wrote a post on some tools you can use to find hashtags).
  3. Use mentions (that’s mentioning another twitter account like @SimpCompelling).
  4. Tweet quality stuff. If your tweets are garbage, you’re less likely to get followers.
  5. Don’t just tweet your own stuff, share other peoples too.
  6. Try to get mentions or retweets from big accounts. You do that by networking with them or sharing their stuff.
  7. Take part in Twitter chats (you find them by their hashtags like #bufferchat).
  8. Find out when your followers are most active and capitalize on that knowledge by tweeting more at those times.
  9. Do not tweet a bunch in a row as that will fill up your users feeds with your tweets. Space them out by at least 5 minutes.
  10. Some stuff just gets more shares, like pictures with quotes on them and GIFs.

Some other tips to grow your Twitter following are:

  1. Make your profile page look nice, but also have it stand out so people will notice you.
  2. Hang out of the notifications page and like any mentions, or respond to them.
  3. Respond to messages.
  4. Link to your Twitter from your website and other social networks.
  5. Try importing your email contacts.
  6. You might want to setup auto DMs (you can do this with CrowdFire), but be warned, this annoys a lot of people.

Next, we’ll talk about how you can use CrowdFire App to do each of those things, clean > engage > grow

How to clean your Twitter account with the CrowdFire App

Cleaning your Twitter account basically means removing any fake or inactive followers, as well as any followers that are not following you back.

Some reasons to clean your account are so that you aren’t following tons of accounts. Twitter only lets you follow 2,000 more people than you have following your account.

You also might not want fake followers for advertising purposes, as you don’t want to waste ad spend reaching fake or inactive accounts.

To clean your Twitter account with CrowdFire, you can use the Recent Unfollowers tab and the Inactive Following tab.

CrowdFire Recent Unfollowers

Recent Unfollowers in CrowdFire

For Recent Unfollowers, the tab shows the accounts that unfollowed you for each of the past days.

Next to each account listed is the status of your relationship with that account.

If there is a red minus sign, you can unfollow that account. Otherwise, CrowdFire will either say that you don’t follow that account or that they refollowed you.

CrowdFire Inactive Following

Inactive Following in CrowdFire

The other tab in CrowdFire that you can use to clean your Twitter account is the Inactive Following tab.

This tab has a dropdown to sort users by how long they have been inactive. The options are 1+ month, 3+ months, and 6+ months.

You might as well unfollow those accounts, as they no longer seem to be using Twitter.

Engage with your Twitter following via the CrowdFire App

CrowdFire has a few options you can use to engage with your Twitter followers.

You can hit the rocket tab on the far left of the dashboard to Tweet directly from CrowdFire. That option also lets you schedule your Tweet.

I don’t use that feature as I use Buffer instead.

Another way to engage with your followers via CrowdFire is by using automation.

CrowdFire Automate

Auto DMs on Twitter

To use Automation, hit the tab of that name from the Grow tab on the far left.

At the top of that page is a tab called “DM Marketing” which lets you set an automated message to go out to anyone that follows you.

A lot of businesses use that to promote their other social profiles or to try to get users to their websites, preferably to a site that will try to convert them into leads or email subscribers.

I’m not really sure if that is a good idea. It does drive some traffic, but it also angers a lot of people.

There was a thread on Inbound.org that got a lot of upvotes where everybody pretty much agreed that Twitter Auto DMs are super annoying.

I tried using those Auto DMs for awhile. It didn’t really send much traffic, no one ever replied to them unless it was with their own automated message, and I felt like it might be annoying people.

For all of those reasons, I decided I wanted to turn it off.

But guess what? When I tried to delete my Auto DM in CrowdFire, it said I had to keep an Auto DM. I changed mine to just “Thanks for following.”

I tell you this just so you know that once you use that feature, you might not be able to get rid of it.

Grow your Twitter with the CrowdFire App

On to the features that you are probably most interested in, those that help you grow your Twitter following.

One of the best ways to grow your Twitter following is to follow people that are already following other related accounts.

So if you post about soccer, find users that follow other soccer accounts or maybe that use or post soccer content.

Crowdfire has two ways to find accounts that are a good match.

CrowdFire Copy Followers

Copy Followers with CrowdFire

First, you can use the Copy Followers tab.

In this tab, you just enter a Twitter user account handle (@username) and then get a list of the people following that account.

Just hit the green plus signs to add those users.

CrowdFire Keyword Followers

Keyword Follow with CrowdFire

Second, you can use the Keyword Follow tab.

Like the Copy Followers tab, this tab lets you enter a hashtag (#topic) and they then give you a list of the users related to that topic.

Hit the green plus signs to add those users.

Sit back and watch users follow you back

Once you’ve added users either via Copy Following or Keyword Follow through CrowdFire, you just need to sit back, relax, and watch people follow you back.

Give them a few days to followback. If they don’t, use the cleaning features of CrowdFire to remove those accounts.

Twitter only allows you to follow 2,000 more users than are following you, so you’ll want to clear out anyone not following back to give you room to repeat this strategy over and over.

I should mention that Twitter also has rate limits at which you can follow or unfollow people. Once you hit those limits, you can’t do anything for a short time.

Upgrading to the premium level CrowdFire App

So why upgrade to the paid version of CrowdFire?

Really, the only reason I can see is to allow yourself to follow and unfollow more users each day.

With the free account, after sending a Tweet that CrowdFire asks you to send, you can follow 50 people a day and unfollow 100 for free.

If you upgrade to a paid account, it is unlimited.

Remember though, Twitter does have rate limits. So it isn’t like you can just follow 200 and unfollow 200 accounts in 10 minutes.

Still, if you want to follow and unfollow at higher limits (and do it daily), then you might want to upgrade to the premium level CrowdFire App.

Give it a try! It’s FREE

I’ve been using CrowdFire for a long time (since it was called Just Unfollow) and I’ve found it to be a valuable tool to help grow your Twitter following.

As it is a free tool, there really is nothing stopping you from giving it a try.

If you’re interested in growing your Twitter following, give the CrowdFire App a try.

BTW, it also works with Instagram!

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