The month before I started using comments to get traffic, I received just 700 visitors (this was way, way back).  The month after using comments to get traffic, I had 1,200 visitors.

That is a 71% increase in web traffic!

So, how did I do it? In this post, we’ll look at comments and how you can use them to get more traffic.

To me, there is no doubt that comments can help you to get more traffic and build awareness of your blog.

If you have your doubts, I’d suggest checking out this Neil Patel article entitled: “Do Comments Actually Increase Your Search Traffic? A Data-Driven Answer.”  In that article, Neil shows that about a quarter of his ranking keywords are coming from his comment sections. Getting search rankings of course leads to more traffic, as you get more traffic from search with higher rankings.

Four ways to get traffic from comments

As I see it, there are really four ways to get traffic, both directly and indirectly, from comments.

  • First, you can put a link to your site in the comment section of another site, and users can then use that link to directly go to your site. There is a good way to do this that will work, and a bad way that will probably get you marked as a spammer. I’ll cover that below.
  • Second, you can use comments as a way to network or as outreach, which can result in backlinks that help your SEO, guest posts, recommendations, and a whole lot more!
  • Third, just having lots of comments on your own site increases the number of words on each of your pages and can get you more search rankings and traffic. This could come at the cost of social media and you will have to deal with spam. I have an article about considering whether to have comments.
  • Fourth, you can also just link to other sites, which sometimes results in what are called trackbacks. Those sometimes are set to appear on the linked to site’s comment section or trackback section, and they often bring some traffic. I actually recently had one of these trackbacks bring in 200 uniques in a day.

All of those ways are helpful to you in getting more traffic, and you can really combine all of those strategies to maximize the traffic you get from comments.

Looking for ways to get traffic to your website? Please read my article A Guide To Bringing In Web Traffic In 2017.

Stupid comments and spam

You’ve probably seen comments like “nice post,” “thanks,” and the like.  Those types of comments are really not helpful, they don’t build discussion, they won’t help you network, and they won’t bring you traffic.

On the other end of the spectrum, you also don’t want to be either asking for something like a guest post or link in a comment, and you shouldn’t spam a site with your links. Just saying “hey, I have a related article here: link” is not a good comment.

Somewhere in between there is a place where your comment can be beneficial not only to yourself, but also to the site that you are commenting on.

Just do what the site owners want

Think about it. Those sites with comment boards basically have them because they want to engage users and have discussions take place about their content. If you just do that, you will endear yourself to that site owner.

You can take it a step further and write an awesome comment that is either aimed at engaging the author of the post or in really stoking the conversation taking place in that comment section.

With the former, you are developing a relationship with that author and can maybe capitalize on it down the road. With the latter, after your post gets comments and maybe you respond with more info, you can drop a link to your awesome related content. It has to actually be closely related and relevant, by the way.

I also wouldn’t drop links in every comment. Maybe stick to 9 comments without a link for every one that does have a link.

That might sound like a huge ratio, but it really is just not that hard to leave a comment. You also likely don’t have related links to post for a lot of comments and you only want to drop a link that is super closely related.

You should still make your non-link comments high quality, as those are building your reputation just as much as the ones with links. Try to be engaging and add to the conversation.

Finding sites to comment on

Probably the biggest obstacle to you actually going out and using this technique (if we can even call it that as it is really simple) is time.

If you are just browsing the web looking for sites to comment on, you really are wasting a lot of time, especially if you do it daily.

A better technique that I would suggest is that you instead sign up for Feedly and add a bunch of feeds from sites that are in the same or a related niche as your site and that you want to get web traffic from or network with.

By using Feedly, each day you can just go to Feedly and look at your master feed. Pick out the most popular articles and go there to leave comments. It really is pretty easy.

You also should consider how old the article is. Aim for the recently published ones. If you are among the first to comment, your comment will appear towards the top of the comment section and could generate more traffic or at least will get more attention.

You can and probably should also be sharing articles from Feedly on social media using Buffer. Check out my guide on getting traffic from Feedly.

Just keep at it

Just because you write five comments with links doesn’t mean you are going to get any traffic. You need to keep at it. I have had a few comments bring in 100’s of page views right away, but most comments seem to just occasionally send a page view or two.

As that is the case, you really need to just keep at it and build more and more comments. Five comments won’t do much, but 500 comments that all yield two page views per month is 1,000 page views. If you can write 500 comments per month and keep at it for a year, that could be 12,000 extra page views per month.

You could even do a lot better than that. I seem to recall reading that one big blogger was yielding 50 page views per comment. Using my scenario of 500 comments per month, that could be 300,000 page views per year after a year! (500 comments per month * 50 page views per comment = 25,000 page views per month * 12 months = 300,000 page views per year)

I think there certainly is potential in using comments to drive traffic and I’d recommend giving it a try. Just please don’t spam.

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